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High clarity polypropylene, no additives, no release agent

Leak-proof during usage and transporation

Non-pyrogenic and autoclavable 

Resistant to regular chemical solution   

G-8ML-NClearPP8ml PP Reagent  Bottle, Clear 150101500
G-15ML-NClearPP15ml PP Reagent  Bottle, Clear 120101200
G-30ML-NClearPP30ml PP Reagent  Bottle, Clear 100101000
G-60ML-NClearPP60ml PP Reagent  Bottle, Clear 100101000
G-125ML-NClearPP125ml PP Reagent  Bottle, Clear 5010500
G-250ML-NClearPP250ml PP Reagent  Bottle, Clear 2510250
G-500ML-NClearPP500ml PP Reagent  Bottle, Clear 1210120
G-8ML-BBrownPP8ml PP Reagent Bottle, Brown150101500
G-15ML-BBrownPP15ml PP Reagent Bottle, Brown120101200
G-30ML-BBrownPP30ml PP Reagent Bottle, Brown100101000
G-60ML-BBrownPP60ml PP Reagent Bottle, Brown100101000
G-125ML-BBrownPP125ml PP Reagent Bottle, Brown5010500
G-250ML-BBrownPP250ml PP Reagent Bottle, Brown2510250
G-500ML-BBrownPP500ml PP Reagent Bottle, Brown1210120
G-8ML-NHClearHDPE8ml HDPE Reagent  Bottle, Clear 150101500
G-15ML-NHClearHDPE15ml HDPE Reagent  Bottle, Clear 120101200
G-30ML-NHClearHDPE30ml HDPE Reagent  Bottle, Clear 100101000
G-60ML-NHClearHDPE60ml HDPE Reagent  Bottle, Clear 100101000
G-125ML-NHClearHDPE125ml HDPE Reagent  Bottle, Clear 5010500
G-250ML-NHClearHDPE250ml HDPE Reagent  Bottle, Clear 2510250
G-500ML-NHClearHDPE500ml HDPE Reagent  Bottle, Clear 1210120
G-8ML-BHBrownHDPE8ml HDPE Reagent Bottle, Brown150101500
G-15ML-BHBrownHDPE15ml HDPE Reagent Bottle, Brown120101200
G-30ML-BHBrownHDPE30ml HDPE Reagent Bottle, Brown100101000
G-60ML-BHBrownHDPE60ml HDPE Reagent Bottle, Brown100101000
G-125ML-BHBrownHDPE125ml HDPE Reagent Bottle, Brown5010500
G-250ML-BHBrownHDPE250ml HDPE Reagent Bottle, Brown2510250
G-500ML-BHBrownHDPE500ml HDPE Reagent Bottle, Brown1210120